Back Blows and Abominal Thrusts Save Lives

Red Cross honorees from left to right: Safia El Hmamsi, Kathryn Majkrzak, Jena Novak, Roberta Chie, Alisha Tomsen, and Donna Sanderson. Not pictured: David Kucera and Jenny Rassavon. Photo courtesy of Dakota Communities.

Have you choked on food? Ever needed a back blow to dislodge it? Well, we’re happy to report that if the folks around you when or if it happens are trained like those at Dakota Communities, then you’re likely to get help that could save your life.

Recently, we recognized eight Dakota Communities employees who quickly and adeptly used their Red Cross training to help people at their residences for adults with developmental disabilities who were choking, mostly on food objects. From sausage or cheese to a carrot or granola, the trained employees used back blows and in some cases abdominal thrusts to expel food matter from people who were choking. Such life-threatening emergencies can happen anywhere, anytime. Go here to find a Red Cross class in your area and to learn life-saving skills.

And thank you Dakota Communities!

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