Ready For The Deep Freeze?

THE COLD IS COMING! THE COLD IS COMING! THE COLD IS COMING! By now perhaps you’ve heard: we’re soon to have the coldest weather that we’ve had in Minnesota during the past FOUR years. Rather than FREAKING OUT (as some of us are doing), we asked Minnesota winter adventurer Linda Newman to provide us with tips for staying warm outside when it’s -512 degrees. (Okay, FREAK OUT person is exaggerating. How about BELOW ZERO? It probably feels the same.)

Linda Newman and Arrow, one of her sled dogs. Photo courtesy of Linda (and Arrow).
Linda Newman and Arrow, one of her sled dogs. Photo courtesy of Linda (and Arrow).

Cold weather tips from someone who knows (and is smart because she has fluffy warm dogs, too):

  1. Dress in warm layers. Be prepared. You can’t put on what you don’t have but you can take off a layer. Put a water and windproof outer layer over all under layers that is breathable.
  2. NO cotton. Cotton absorbs moisture and holds it close to your skin, keeping you damp and cold.
  3. Keep moving. Even boots rated for 100 below temperatures won’t keep your feet warm if you’re standing still for too long.
  4. No alcohol. Alcohol actually dehydrates you, making you cold.
  5. Stay hydrated. Keep a thermos handy filled with your favorite warm, non alcoholic beverage.
  6. Chemical foot warmers and hand warmers are your friends!
  7. Cold feet and hands. If you want to get warmth to your extremities, you must get the blood flowing to them. Clap your hands together. Make the motion of throwing a ball, rotating your arm from your shoulder, getting the blood directly to your hands. Stomp your feet.
  8. Having a hood with a ruff of some type does help keep your face warmer from wind.
  9. Windproof is the word. Fleece gloves without this feature are cold, cold, cold! A windproof neck gaiter is also so nice!
  10. Don’t suffer in silence. If you’re cold, go get warm. Frostbite is no fun.

Thank  you, Linda (and Arrow), for sharing your winter weather wisdom with us. We hope that you’re toasty warm during the coming days. Meanwhile, everyone can download the American Red Cross free mobile First Aid app and learn what to do in case of frostbite, hypothermia and other emergencies. (Now, back now to FREAKING OUT!)

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