In my what kit?

Yeah, it’s a winter Monday morning. (Photo credit: Lynette Nyman/American Red Cross)

A typical winter morning conversation at the Northern Minnesota Red Cross region HQ after a day-long snow fall and more winter weather expected:

Hey, what’s in your winter car preparedness kit? In my “what” kit? Your car emergency kit, you know, the kit with extra stuff you keep in your car during winter for emergencies? Oh, right, yeah. Boots, gloves, blanket, jumper cables. I mostly think about it in terms of keeping warm. Yeah, me too, but I think┬ámy kit needs work.

Does anyone want to brush off the snow? (Photo credit: Lynette Nyman/American Red Cross)

Sure, you can call us geeks (we don’t mind), but we’d rather be prepared, especially on a day like today and the days to follow, than frozen and worried. So, if you’re planning to be out and about via automobile, in addition to having supplies (e.g., scarves, gloves, & blankets) to keep warm, check your car:

  • gas tank: full (half = empty)
  • tires: inflated
  • windshield washer reservoir: full
  • driving: go slow
  • poor visibility: stay home

Of course, we offer the suggestions above knowing that you’ll keep in mind your location–the Twin Cities Banana Belt (term provided courtesy of Thief River Falls native) versus the Minnesota Frozen Tundra (term provided courtesy of Southern California native). Plus, our Red Cross water cooler conversationalists agree that urban versus rural travel shapes your kit.

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XO from the Red Cross Water Cooler!

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