Regional Volunteer Award Winners Go Above and Beyond (Part 3)

(Part 3 of 3)

This is our third and final blog post featuring the 2013 Regional Volunteer Award Winners. This year’s winners show the dedication and passion that many volunteers have for the Red Cross mission to alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies. We thank these and all Red Cross volunteers for their service. 

Judi Blomberg – Volunteer of the Year: Outreach

Judy Blomberg

In the past year Judi has been an integral part of the Preparedness program, filling an important gap by skillfully presenting preparedness topics to community groups. Judi is an excellent representative of the Red Cross, often going above and beyond by finding ways to add more value to her audience by tailoring her material. She also serves as a mentor to other volunteers, frequently sharing her ideas and experience with new presenters.

Christina Hujanen – Volunteer of the Year: Rookie

Christina H_crop-bmp (1)When you look at Christina’s service to the Red Cross and our communities, it’s hard to believe she’s only been involved for one year! She began serving on the Northland Board of Directors in July of 2012, and quickly became trained in disaster response. When Superstorm Sandy hit Christina deployed 3 times to assist East Coast residents as a caseworker, serving away from home for over eight weeks. In addition she is on-call for local disasters and has responded to a number of single family fires, displaying compassion and willingness to ensure that clients receive the referrals needed recovering from disaster.

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