No Cape Needed

#BeAHero - Size 403x403 - Option 1March is a great time to celebrate the American Red Cross. Why? Because March is national American Red Cross Month.

During this time, we like to applaud all of the everyday heroes who make the Red Cross what it is. These heroes help by giving blood, learning and using lifesaving skills, serving as volunteers during disasters, or giving money that makes Red Cross humanitarian work possible at all.

Right here, across our disaster response region, volunteers have worked around the clock, responding to 84 disasters, helping 328 people following fires during January and February. This is a 38 percent increase during the same period last year! We want to thank them for being heroes to all of us. Their selfless service helps keep our communities strong during challenging times. They are super heroes to us and to those they’re helping.

During this month, we want to encourage others more than ever to think about embracing their inner hero and becoming part of the Red Cross. Train to be a volunteer before disaster strikes. Take a class and learn lifesaving skills before an emergency happens. Create a plan that will prepare your family for emergencies. Give blood and keep supply shelves stocked. Donate money and support the Red Cross humanitarian mission all year.

Happy American Red Cross Month!

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