One Tangible Step Towards Personal Preparedness

by Caroline Sevachko/American Red Cross

Red Cross board member Hap LeVander shows off his family’s emergency kit: “A couple items to add, and we’re set!”

Last March, our region’s board members accepted a challenge:

“100% of Board Members will take at least one tangible step towards Personal Preparedness by getting a kit, making a plan or being informed; and will document and submit it evidence of it (by photo or in writing), no later than Tuesday, April 22, 2014, end of day.”

We can report to you: the challenge was embraced and the goal was reached. This means that all 98 regular board members from the 6 Red Cross chapters in the Northern Minnesota Region successfully participated!

We’re especially eager to share this news with you in the wake of the weekend’s deadly and devastating storms in Arkansas and other nearby states where the Red Cross is on the ground providing emergency aid to people affected by these storms –storms the strength of which we know can happen here in Minnesota.

Board member Sara Viker Althoff and her family practiced using their evacuation plan and fire escape ladder.
Red Cross board member Sara Viker Althoff and her family practiced using their flexible fire escape ladder.

So, we encourage everyone, just like our board members did, to take one step towards improving your family’s preparedness for disaster and other emergencies.

To help in getting a kit, making a plan or being informed, we’ve included below a couple good sources of information for you to use.  The following items will guide you in taking the first steps toward improving your level of preparedness.

1)     Here’s a link to the Be Red Cross Ready website, which gives you an interactive interface to begin the 3 steps to being prepared for emergencies:

2)     You also can download the Red Cross tornado app, which has alerts, tips and other features that will help you be prepared for emergencies:

Have fun… Get your family involved… And tell us how you did!


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