Celebrating Volunteer Service

The 2014 American Red Cross Northern Minnesota Volunteer Awards at the ceremony in June. Photo credit: Andy King.

This past June 24 was a special night during our 2014 Volunteer Recognition event. That night 21 volunteers from our Red Cross region were honored for their outstanding service.

These volunteers were recognized for their generous dedication of fulfilling the Red Cross mission to prevent and alleviate human suffering in the face of emergencies.

These volunteers take time to teach, prepare and help their neighbors. They are among 1,100 volunteers giving time and expertise in a Red Cross region that serves more than 4.3 million people in 43 counties in northern Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

Audrey Waage, center. Photo credit: Andy King.

They are moms and dads, high school and college students, and friends and family members who care about their communities and are ready to serve every day. Some of the words that describe these individuals include: “humble, compassionate, fearless, enthusiastic, creative thinkers, engagers, teachers, and mentors.”

The Red Cross thanks this year’s volunteer honorees and all of those who give time to help others often in their greatest time of need.

The 2014 volunteer recipients and their award categories:

Red Cross volunteer award recipient Sara Schomburg (c). Photo credit: Andy King.
Sara Schomburg, center. Photo credit: Andy King.

Diane Dunder: Distinguished Volunteer Leader of the Year Award

Outstanding Volunteer Group Award: St. Croix Valley Disaster Health Nurses Anne Headrick, Mary Menter, Patricia Bell, Maria Saterbak, Millie Jones, Nancy Mortwedt, Jane Norbin, Cheryl Blythe, Flora Holmberg, Roger Jacobson, Dianne Polasik, Iona Holsten and Vonnie Thomas

Tami Jensen: “Behind-the-Scenes” Volunteer Award

Sara Schomburg: Youth Volunteer Award

Audrey Waage: Disaster Volunteer Award

St. Croix Valley Disaster Health Nurses. Photo credit: Andy King.
St. Croix Valley Disaster Health Nurses. Photo credit: Andy King.

Dave Adriansen: Health and Safety Recognition Award

Pj Doyle and Kathryn Schmidt: Outreach Volunteer Award

Randi De Mel: Rookie Volunteer-of-the-Year Award

A region-wide committee comprised of staff and volunteers reviewed the nominees in each category and voted on a winner.

Post by Eduardo Sanchez Beltran/American Red Cross. Click here to learn more about Red Cross volunteer opportunities. 

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