Letter from Alabama

(Guest Post from Karen & Rick Campion)

Some of you already know this information, but we wanted to update everyone at the same time. We are deployed by the Red Cross to the Alabama tornadoes for up to three weeks.

We are on the Disaster Assessment team – the first Red Cross representatives on site to do initial damage assessments.  Our data gets relayed to the Red Cross Command Center and then on to FEMA. We’re using new technology – hand held collection units.  The info is used to assess future aid and services needed.

So far, we’ve been assigned to gather data in 3 counties, which includes the city of Huckleburg.  Most of the homes here were destroyed and there is no electric and limited cell phone coverage.

We’ve included a couple pics of what we’ve seen.  One of the interesting sights in the middle of town was the cemetery.  Headstones had beautiful flowers completely untouched and the grass was perfectly manicured.  Total chaos surrounded the cemetery.

The affected people are doing amazingly well (at least for now).  They are very gracious and appreciative of those who have come to help.  Keep them in your prayers.

Take care,
Karen and Rick

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