Do You Speak DR?

Hey there, we recently received this digital postcard from one long-time Red Cross disaster relief volunteer Marian Green, who’s in Illinois responding to spring floodingWe’ve inserted a few translations for the layperson and Red Cross disaster rookie readers.

Dear Red Cross Pals,

Marian and Tejas working together during the 2013 Spring Flooding response in the Midwest.
Marian and Tejas working together during the 2013 Spring Flooding response in the Midwest.

I met Tejas Patel in Baton Rouge, LA, last summer for Hurricane Isaac. He was the Log Chief [logistics boss]. It was great to run into him here as the Assistant Director [the #2 in charge of this disaster relief response]. As soon as he saw me walk into the room, he pointed to me and said “You are the FSI Lead!” [FSI = all things related to tracking numbers for the relief operation like meals & clean-up kits distributed, etc.] “Umm, OK,” I stammered brilliantly! It is great to be back in the field as a new FSI [actually stands for Financial Statistical Information] Supervisor. It was even better when an FSI Manager, Elizabeth Norcross from Hawaii, showed up yesterday. This is the first time I worked a DRO [Disaster Relief Operation] with three regions, each having its own staff, plus a DRO. Trying to get four sets of numbers compiled without duplications is a real challenge, but it’s been a great learning experience and Elizabeth is a great mentor. I plan on being here until May 4th but could be talked into a few more days if needed.

Marian in Peoria, Illinois

Our reply: Take care Marian, Tejas and the others who are responding to the spring flooding. You’re brilliant and for sure you have hearts bigger than three regions. And to our readers, both rookies and veterans, click here to see more about how the Red Cross is helping in Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and North Dakota during the 2013 Spring Floods disaster response.

One Reply to “Do You Speak DR?”

  1. Marian, it looks as if you are making the very best of a DRO – lots of hard work AND hanging with old friends ( from earlier DROs) in new places!


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