Winter, again?

Ice cream vs. ice scraper? Hmmm, what would the Red Cross chose?
Ice cream vs. ice scraper? Hmmm, what would the Red Cross chose?

Are you, like me, scattered, doing too much, not thinking AT ALL about winter, stormy weather, and its hazards? Seriously, where is that ice scraper, snow brush, hat, gloves (matching? HA!), and that I-thought-it-was-high-tech (light, warm, and breathable) coat that’s supposed to resist getting wet when snow lands on it? They’re nowhere around when I hear a weather report from a silky voice, all calm and dolce vita-like coming from my radio, saying something DUMB like there’s 3 to 5 inches of snow expected (HEY, dogs, stop barking!) tomorrow night (or tonight?) and the day after. Okay, FINE, whether (or weather) it’s tonight or tomorrow (or every other day thereafter), it’s time to check my life kit, car kit, hunker down kit. It’s time to click here and review Red Cross tips (about, prepare, respond) for winter storms and get my ice and snow act together AGAIN. How about you?

From Lynette Nyman, American Red Cross Communicator, and Cali Gal Ex-Pat in MN

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