4 Ways to #Help1Family on Red Cross Giving Day

GD16_FamilyIcons_FacebookNearly every eight minutes, the American Red Cross extends a helping hand to a family in need that has lost everything – the roof over their heads, their clothes, and their most cherished possessions – to a home fire. Across Minnesota and parts of western Wisconsin, the Minnesota Region of the American Red Cross has been busy helping neighbors. But your help is needed on one special day to continue to provide the emergency services that our neighbors depend on every day.

Red Cross Giving Day
On April 21, you have a chance to help families in need whenever and wherever they need it by participating in the national American Red Cross Giving Day to #help1family. A donation of $88.50 can provide a family with a day’s worth of food, plus blankets and other essentials. We’re proud of the disaster relief our region provided last year. This included supporting more than 2,300 people affected by local disasters, which were mostly home fires, and installing more than 1,000 smoke alarms to improve home fire safety.

rco_blog_img_GD16_IDonated_FacebookBecome a social ambassador
You can help spread the word about Giving Day – the more people who support Giving Day means we can help more families. Use your social media channels to reach out to friends and family and ask them to donate to #help1family. Here are four ways donations will #help1family:

1. Supporting a family in urgent need: provide funding to give a family a day’s worth of food, blankets, and other essentials.
2. Supplying warm meals: help provide hearty, comforting meals to people impacted by disasters.
3. Providing clean-up kits after a disaster strikes: make clean-up kits available for families in need that include vital items like a mop, bucket, and disinfectant.
4. Deploying an emergency response vehicle for a day: Red Cross workers travel to impacted neighborhoods in fully stocked Emergency Response vehicles to provide food, water and critical relief.

Imagine the impact that we could have on our community if everyone wanted to #help1family.

Thank you!

“All In 1 Day” Fundraising Campaign on June 2

american-red-cross-site-logo1428089261.1929It’s only days away from June 2 when the American Red Cross will host its first nationwide Giving Day. This 24-hour period calls for people across the country to ensure the Red Cross can deliver help and hope to people in need. Even when you don’t see disasters in the news, Red Cross volunteers are working every day to help people during great times of need. In moments of despair, there can be hope.

For example, right now the Red Cross is providing shelter, disaster relief, and emotional support in Texas and Oklahoma where severe weather has pounded areas of both states since early May. The response in Texas alone is expected to cost more than $3 million. This past April in Minnesota, the Red Cross responded to 61 disasters, helping 348 adults and children following devastating home fires. This is the highest number of families helped in any one-month period since the Minneapolis Tornado in 2011.

Public support allows the Red Cross to care for people during crisis. Public support allows the Red Cross to help people stand up again and to know they’re not alone. Public supports allows the Red Cross to be All in 1 Day every day.

We need your help. Become a Giving Day social ambassador and help celebrate all of the good that the Red Cross does every day. Become a Giving Day donor and support Red Cross work in communities across our nation.

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