Happy Red Cross Month

From the archives: Phil Hansen in 1990 working for the Red Cross, Rochester, MN.
From the archives: Phil Hansen in 1990 working for the American Red Cross in Rochester, Minnesota.

They say that what you send out in life comes back to you multiplied.  I believe this is so and I have witnessed many examples over the years.

In my own experience, a donor supplemented the cost of a swimming program in which a Red Cross instructor taught me to swim. I got so excited about the program that I joined the Red Cross and helped teach thousands of others– mostly kids–to swim. My ability to swim has saved my life on at least two harrowing occasions. And one time I used my ability to swim to save a friend. I suspect that many of those I trained have saved lives as well.

My experience is one small example of the multiplying effect of a donor’s gift.  I bet the Red Cross has already touched you or a family member in some way.  If not, maybe someday it will–you may need swimming skills to save a loved one’s life–or have a heart attack and need CPR–or need blood after an accident–or need a place to stay after your home burns down–and the Red Cross will be there for you–always.

During March–Red Cross Month–I want to share my sincere thanks with our board members, volunteers and paid staff members, donors, supporters, partners, and friends for the many ways you have helped the American Red Cross serve the needs of Minnesotans.

Wishing you a very happy Red Cross Month,
Phil Hansen, CEO, American Red Cross, Northern Minnesota Region

P.S. Click here to learn more about ways to be involved with the Red Cross.