Early Morning at a Red Cross Shelter

By Mark Smith, Disaster Public Affairs Volunteer, American Red Cross Twin Cities Area Chapter, October 21, 2010

Mozell, 8, and Zyiomna, 2

The Blaisdell Avenue fire in Minneapolis displaced more than 90 people, forcing several dozen to stay overnight in a Red Cross shelter.

Two of them were Mozell, 8, and his sister Zyiomna, 2.

Mozell started his day out by keeping an eye on his little sister, letting mom get a little extra sleep after a long night.


Being the watchful brother, he helped his sister get a plate of food for breakfast and sat with her as she ate her breakfast.

After I took his picture, Mozell asked to use the camera and, with my help, he was able to take pictures of his sister.

Of course little sister, seeing what big brother was doing, wanted to review the picture and was excited to see herself and her brother on the camera.


Zyiomna  insisted in taking his picture as he had taken hers.

With a little help, she was able to snap the shot of her brother and push the buttons to take a look at her efforts.

The Red Cross shelter was a safe and warm place for families to stay.

The Red Cross will continue providing immediate recovery assistance, such as shelter, food, clothing, and emotional support, to the families affected by this disaster.

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