Red Cross Aid Stations Open

North Minneapolis resident Julian Branker stopped by a Red Cross aid station where people affected by the May 22 tornado can receive food, water, and other Red Cross emergency services. Photo credit: Anne Florenzano/American Red Cross

More than a week following the May 22 tornado disaster that struck north Minneapolis, the sun was shining and the wind was blowing while city workers and other helpers were in the neighborhood busy removing tree debris in the most affected areas.

Julian Branker, a local resident who prefers to be called JB, stopped at a recently opened Red Cross emergency aid station located at Willard Park. He says that during the storm a tree fell on his house and a nearby fence.

“I was standing outside watching the tornado come thinking that if it’s my time to go then it’s my time, but I think I still have another thirty years left,” said Branker.

Branker picked up lunch for him and his wife at the Red Cross aid station, which is one of two that the Red Cross is operating in conjunction with the City of Minneapolis disaster recovery shuttle buses in the neighborhood. The second station is at Jordan Park.

The Red Cross aid stations are also providing medical and mental health services; and referral services for information about disaster recovery for affected families.

The fallen tree has been removed from Branker’s home. He says that his family is doing well and that he’s thankful for the Red Cross help.

(Reporting by Red Cross disaster responders Anne Florenzano and Nicole Baier)

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